Executive, Governance & Operations


The Executive, Governance and Operations Department is the hub of TH Government .This department oversees the smooth running of the organization, assisting other departments as well as Chief and Council, Elders' Council, and Youth Council. This department also organizes and promotes meetings, General Assemblies, and community events happening within TH. Major functions of the Executive, Governance, and Operation include.

Executive Administration

The Administration team works to ensure smooth operations within TH, coordinating departments, organizing events and meetings, and ensuring citizens are well served by the department. The Administration team also acts as the link between TH's governmental bodies (Council, Elders Council, Youth Council & the General Assembly) and the various departments within TH. The Administration Department also include the Citizenship Registrar.  Learn more about services provided by the Executive Administration team.



TH Communications endeavours to ensure citizens have timely access to relevant information and helps TH departments with their messaging. This includes:

  • publishing the government newsletter, heritage updates, and monthly calendar
  • assisting departments with publicity of events, written publications, and policy writing
  • offering support for consulting citizens on important issues
  • assisting with correspondence, speaking notes, and presentations
  • assisting Council with committee recruitment
  • maintaining the website
  • acting as media liaison.

Learn more about TH Communications.


Economic Development and the Community Development Organization 

There are many opportunities for TH citizens to build and meet their economic goals. Learn more about Economic Development and the Community Development Corporation.


Mining & Strategic Initiatives

The Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in encourages sound and respectful working relationships with proponents undertaking mineral exploration or development projects in TH Traditional Territory. Learn more about Mining & Strategic Initiatives.


Call (867) 993-7100 plus the extension:

Administration contacts

 Executive Director

Brenda Butterworth-Carr


Executive Assistant

Fiona Nastasi


Administrative Assistant to Council

Noemy Arseneau


Senior Information Advisor Jenny Whitehouse 104

IT Systems Administrator

Aaron Woroniuk


Recepionist, Hahke Steve Taylor Building Robyn Gillespie 100
RIM Administrator Dalores Roberts 146
Registrar Officer Babe Titus 101
Events & Consultations Coordinator Kate Marks 206

Communications contacts

Communications & Policy Director  

Valerie Williams  


Communications Coordinator

Anika Domanski


Economic Development and the Community Development Organization contacts

Development Partnership Manager  

Shari Borgford   219

Community Development Corporation 



Mining & Strategic Initiatives contacts

Senior Advisor, Mining & Strategic Initiatives

Dr. Sidney Schafrik