Land Use Permits

The TH Tenure and Land Use Regulations require settlement land users to have a land use permit for most activities, including

  • cutting standing trees
  • using a vehicle off existing roads or trails
  • creating or upgrading roads, trails, and lines
  • using machinery to prospect, drill, move earth, or clear land
  • setting up or using a camp for more than 30 days per year
  • setting up or operating a fuel storage facility
  • using explosives
  • scientific research
  • grazing livestock
  • any other use not specifically allowed under the Final Agreement or TH law

Please consult Section 7 of the regulations for the full list. Citizens and other land users may apply for a land use permit by visiting the Land and Resources branch.

When in doubt, land users should contact the Land and Resources branch to determine if a permit is needed.

Traditional pursuits exception to permit requirement

Citizens should know about an important exception to the permit rule: traditional activities. TH citizens do not need a permit to cut standing trees or camp when exercising their Final Agreement rights to hunt, fish, or gather on settlement land.

Miners with claims on settlement land should review Information for Miners.