Visiting Moosehide Village


Moosehide Village, located approximately 5 km downriver from Dawson City, is a traditional village site that was inhabited by the Tr’öndëk Hwëch’in after displacement from Tr’ochëk at the turn of the century. Most full-time residents moved to Dawson in the mid-1950s. Several families maintain cabins in the village and visit the site regularly. It is also used to host the bi-annual Moosehide Gatherings and a variety of special events and cultural activities. Although Moosehide is a private village, Tr’öndëk Hwëch’in welcome visitors and hope that you will enjoy and respect this important site. Visitors are requested to submit a Moosehide Village Visitor Permit Application in advance of their visit. Completed application forms can be emailed to Mähsi Cho. Big Thanks.


Moosehide Village Visitor Permit

Moosehide Village Trail Map