Apply Now For Inspire Yukon

Inspire Yukon: A program designed by and for young people in Yukon.

Led by Yukon instructors, and featuring community leaders and entrepreneurs, this 12-week program aims to connect entrepreneurship, education and culture through experiential workshops and real world activities

Application Process: A simple two-step process is all it takes to apply for our upcoming Fall 2023 Cohort. Applicants must be 18-30 years old to participate in the program.

Apply before Thursday, August 17.

Fill in this application form. We anticipate it takes 10-15 minutes. The form asks about you and your motivations to join the program.

Upon completing the application form, you will be contacted by an Inspire Yukon team member or Small Economy Works staff for a chat about the program and your goals. This is usually done over the phone and lasts 30 minutes.