Health and Medical

TH will assist eligible citizens with costs associated with exceptional medical needs.

For the following programs, please contact:, stop by, or call the CJJC at 867 993 7100 ext. 164

Emergency Medical Grant provides up to $1300 twice per year for Citizens 19 years+ living in the Yukon. Eligible activities are emergencies (medical, vision, or dental) or travel support to visit terminally ill family member.

Medical Reimbursements Program provides financial Support for paramedical treatment, medical equipment, or prescriptions. You can apply for a medical reimbursement if you have a physicians referral and are living on Traditional Territory. Maximum amounts are:

  • $2500/lifetime for medical equipment
  • $500/year for alternate treatments such as massage, acupuncture, etc.
  • $2500/lifetime for prescriptions not covered by NIHB
  • up to $40/month for fitness pass

Nutritional Supplements are available to citizens receiving chronic care. A doctor’s note is only required every three months; citizens 60 years of age and older only require a doctor’s note once a year. Citizens receive up to $50 twice per month for 3 months.

Expecting families can apply for up to $100 per month until the child is 18 months old.

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