Social Support

The Social Services Team can help improve spiritual and emotional, well-being, through income assistance, healing programs, and counselling supports. Social Supports includes social assistance, Trehude Crew, community outreach, and Nänkäk Chèholay.

Social Assistance

The Social Assistance Program helps Citizens in need gain self-support, develop self-reliance, and take part in the social and economic life of the community.


Income Assistance

We help individuals and families in need to maintain health, safety, dignity and family unity. The assistance is offered in a respectful way with a view toward supporting and developing self-sufficiency.

Trehude Crew

Trehude Crew is a work opportunities program administered through the social assistance program.

Community Outreach


The Community Outreach Program helps improve Citizen’s spiritual and mental wellbeing by providing safe, non-biased support services, access to treatment programs, after-care support, and delivering programming and workshops.

Connect to Treatment Programs.

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Harm Reduction Supplies

Harm reduction supplies are available at the CJJC.

Counselling Services

Outreach workers will connect TH families to free counselling services. Counselling appointments can be done over the phone or virtually.

Citizens who need access to a phone or the internet for their appointments can book a private room at the CJJC at least 24 hours in advance of their appointment. Contact the Wellness Reception to book a room (867) 993-7100 ext. 164.

Documents, Applications and Forms

  • Policy B.1 Applying for social assistance benefits
  • Policy C.2 General Conditions for eligibility
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