Governance & Executive Operations

Executive Office

The Executive Office serves as the link between TH’s legislative bodies (General Assembly, Council, Elders Council and Youth Council) and TH government. The Executive Office communicates and tracks directives from the GA and Councils to various departments and staff, ensuring they are completed and implemented. The Executive Office also communicates the needs and activities of various departments and staff to the GA and Councils. The Executive Office also ensures that various departments with TH Government are communicating and working together effectively.


The Communications Branch is responsible for efficient and effective mass communication between TH Government and Citizens. This includes maintaining the government’s website and social media pages, creating monthly newsletters and calendars, and supporting other departments in creating printed materials (posters, informational brochures, etc.). The Communications Branch also acts a liaison between the media and TH government, creating news releases, public statements, and facilitating interaction between members of the press and various representatives of TH Government.

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Events and Consultations

The Events and Consultations Branch is responsible for planning and hosting TH events, information sessions, and citizen consultations. Events and Consultations often works with other governments (territorial, First Nation, and federal) to stage gatherings where the primary audience is TH Citizens.

IT Services & Information

The IT Services and Information Branch is responsible for maintenance and monitoring of TH Government’s information technology infrastructure. This includes oversight of technological equipment and ensuring citizen data stored in Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in’s databases is kept secure and private.

Citizen Registrar

The Citizen Registrar Branch maintains a database of current Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in Citizens. The Registrar works with the Citizenship Committee to process citizenship enrollment applications and applications to transfer in or out of Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in registry group under the Indian Act. The Registrar can also issue citizenship cards, assist with status card applications, and help with registration under the Indian Act for adults and minors (including registrations falling under Bill C-31, Bill C-3, and Bill S-3, as well as custom adoptions and newborn applications.)

Citizens are responsible for updating the Citizen Registrar Branch when they change their address or leave town temporarily to attend school. It is important for the Registrar to have your correct address. To update your address, call us at 993-7100 ext. 101 or 1-877-993-3400 or send an email to

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