The Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in Education Department is committed to empowering citizens by designing, delivering, and administering lifelong learning opportunities that are grounded in Dënezhu ways of knowing, being, and doing and that support individuals, families, our community, and Citizens living outside of the Traditional Territory. 

Early Learning Team

Our Early Learning Team operates Tr’inke Zho and provides care and learning opportunities for a maximum of 60 children in our licensed centre, and through our Aboriginal HeadStart Program. Education is provided for toddlers and pre-schoolers. We also operate After School and Summer Daycamp programs. Dënezhu knowledge, ways, and values, as well as Hän Language, is emphasized. We focus on our children’s growth and development, especially as it relates to identity, belonging, and school readiness. 

K-12 team

Our K-12 Team provides extensive student supports that empower students to develop socially, emotionally, and academically in our local school. We maintain several spaces in the school that have been developed to be responsive to the developmental needs of our students. We offer cultural programming by supporting teachers to embed Dënezhu knowledge into their practice. We facilitate numerous land-based camps and learning opportunities as well as programs that emphasize the arts. We support YG’s delivery of the Hän Language Program for grades K-7 and continually advocate for learning opportunities that reflect our children’s learning needs and that are meaningful to their identity and sense of belonging.

Adult Learning Team

Our Adult Learning Team provides extensive supports, ranging from social, emotional, and academic support, financial assistance, and help with applications to learning institutions and funders, for our post-secondary students and adult learners. We work with our partners, especially Yukon University, to develop and deliver a wide range of education and training programs and upgrading. We partner with the TH HR Department to promote careers within TH Government and assist with internships, mentoring, and job creation programs. We assist citizens with training to increase their employment success.

Nutrition Team

Our Nutrition Team provides daily meals to all K-12 students and our expanded program will include nutrition and cooking classes, learning about food security and sustainability, and activities offered in partnership with the TH Farm. We provide TH families with children aged 0 to 18 in Dawson and Whitehorse with three food hampers each year.

Resources and Programs

Learn about Trapping with Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in Education

Mähsi cho to the Dawson District Renewable Resources Council for the making of this beautifully shot film about Trapping Week in Dawson. 🦊
‘There’s nothing better than learning how to live and survive off the land’ – Alison Anderson, Hän Language Teacher
Trapping is a vital subsistence harvesting method used to gather food, as well as furs and other materials to make clothing and tools. The Hän people use trapping as an opportunity to pass on important life lessons and the skills to their youth.
Continuing this tradition, every year local trapping guides visit Robert Service School and teach the practice and process of trapping. All in keeping with Tr’ëhudè values. This connection to the land remains a way of life for many today. 🐿️
This film was made together in partnership with Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in Education. Videography and Editing by John Alderson of Bicycle Ride Productions. 

Documents, Applications and Forms

Post Secondary Education Application & Form

Short Term Training Application Form (for courses less than 8 weeks or part-time courses) 


Education & Training Coordinator

Natalja Blanchard

1242 Front Street, Dawson City, Yukon

993-7100 ext. 212

Education Administrative Coordinator

Asia Procee

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