The Implementation Department is responsible for upholding and implementing TH’s rights, titles, and interests, as set out in the TH Final and Self-Government Agreements.

More specifically, the department:

  • Leads legislation and policy development on items related to governance, social well being, Heritage, Justice, and natural resources.
  • Coordinates internal and external legal reviews and briefings related to TH rights and interests.
  • Supports TH Council in the preparation of briefing materials, agendas, and technical reviews, as needed on implementation and intergovernmental focused tables.
  • Represents TH and participates on various committees and working groups related to implementing the TH Final and Self-Government Agreements.
  • Helps TH Government departments in the draw down of Section 17 Programs and Services from the Governments of Canada and Yukon.
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Special Projects & Initiatives

  • Leads community consultation with Citizens on a variety of TH treaty rights issues and initiatives (e.g., United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act, the French School board, new mining legislation.
  • Supports TH Government in court action against our treaty partners (e.g., the Peel litigation, Band Class action for residential school impact on First Nation language and culture, and Waterboard hearing on Wetlands.



2023-24 Projects

  • Dawson Regional Land Use Plan engagement
  • Peel River Watershed Land Use Plan Implementation
  • Indigenous Led and Protected Area
  • Traditional Law and Justice
  • Administration of Justice
  • Child Welfare
  • Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan
  • TH Lands Act
  • TH Governance Policy
  • Development of new YG Mining Legislation
  • Implementation of Canada’s UNDRIP Act and Action Plan
TH Art Work