Elders Support

Elders support program helps Elders engage with community and access community & TH programs and services by:

  • Coordinating educational, social, and recreational activities for TH Elders
  • Working with other departments and programs to support Elders in participation.
  • Assisting Elders with paperwork, phone calls, appointments, and other personal business.
  • Administering estate planning, fuel subsidy, elders tax credit programs.
  • Providing day and evening programs

Wellness Drivers

Provides safe rides and assists elders to get to medical appointments and day to day activities.

Available Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm. For rides outside regular hours, please contact Elders Support Workers for requests

Contact: Elders.Support@trondek.ca 993-7100 ext. 151

Elders Support - Whitehorse

A new addition to the Wellness Department is Elders Support Program in Whitehorse. Our aim is to:

  • create community through gatherings, programs, and events for Elders.
  • connect Elders to the Traditional Territory by planning Elders trips.
  • facilitate virtual attendance at Elders Council meetings, General Assemblies, and other government activities.
  • Assisting Elders to navigate health, social, TH, and community services.
  • Attending appointments with Elders living in and travelling to Whitehorse who need assistance due to mobility, cognition, or hearing difficulties.
  • Coordinating rides to and from medical and other important appointments. This could entail providing taxi vouchers, navigating public transit, providing rides with TH vehicle (within City limits), or coordinating ride shares.

Documents, Applications and Forms

  • Fuel Subsidy Form/Requirements
  • Estate Planning
  • Fuel Subsidy
  • Elders Tax Credit
  • About Elders Benefits
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