Fill in our Survey to Win

We invite all Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in Citizens to fill out our Harvest Survey Form!

Any households with TH Citizens who spent time hunting, fishing, or gathering for
subsistence over the past year (April 1, 2023 – March 31, 2024), inside or outside the TH
Traditional Territory, are encouraged to participate, as well as those who did not do any
harvesting — we would still like to know what barriers prevented harvesting and how your
household met its subsistence needs.

The surveys this year are being targeted at households rather than individual Citizens. This
is to account for the fact that many harvesting activities are done as a family, and we want
to avoid any duplication in reporting of harvest effort or numbers. Please submit one
survey per household.

Depending on how much harvesting your household did over the past year, the survey
should take from 5 – 30 min to complete. To compensate you for your time, we are offering
a $20 gift certificate for each completed household survey. Be sure to include your
mailing address to receive a gift certificate. This is in addition to your name being entered
into the usual prize draw that we hold every year.

To increase your chances of winning one of three great prizes, be sure to list on the survey the names of all TH harvesters
(aged 15 and older) in your household.

To learn the purpose of the survey and how your information will be used, please see enclosed letter here. 

To fill in the survey online, please click here. 

To download a printed copy and return by mail/ email please click here. 

Mähsį cho