Youth Opportunity with ‘To Swim and Speak with Salmon’

Sign up for a Youth based Advocacy Training Program with To Swim and Speak with Salmon. 

This Indigenous-led project is recruiting Indigenous youth from the Yukon, Alaska, and British Columbia, to train them in Indigenous place-based knowledge, conservation, leadership, public speaking, governance, politics, and advocacy, as well as empower them to guide community-based research methods.

Through collaboration with Indigenous and First Nations Knowledge Holders, Spiritual Leaders, Salmon People, Indigenous salmon biologists, and managers, the youth will gain knowledge through stories of salmon culture and relationships.

Who can apply: 

We are seeking a maximum of 15 youth who are 18-35 years old, including up to 13 who are Indigenous and a maximum of 2 who are non-Indigenous with strong long-term place- based ties to the Yukon.

To read all the requirements and to download the application form go here:

If you have any questions about the application process or the program please email:

You can also message us directly on Facebook. 

Deadline for applications is Sunday, May 12, 2024