Land and Resources

The Land and Resources branch is responsible for managing TH settlement land, developing and implementing legislation and policy, assisting citizens applying for land grants and land use permits on settlement land, and participating in development assessment and land use planning.


Find legislation related to TH land and resources here.

Land Use and Resource Planning

Find information relating to regional land use, settlement land planning, and the Dawson Forest Resources Management Plan here.

Development Assessment

The Land and Resources branch is actively involved in development assessment under YESAA. Find out more about TH is involved here.

Land Use Permits

Find information about land use permits and the TH Tenure and Land Use Regulations here.

Timber Permits

Find information on eligibility and the Timber Harvest Fee Schedule here.

Land Grants

Find information about the types of land grants you can apply for and the Land Titles Project here.

Information for Miners

Find information about mining on TH settlement land here.

Contact Kirsten Scott, Land and Resources Manager, at 993-7100 ext. 105.